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Birth Doula Services

What does a birth doula do?

Our birth stories stay with us for the rest of our lives, so I want moms to feel heard, empowered, and equipped to make decisions during their birth. The decisions and preferences of the birthing person and family are the only ones that matter. I work hard to give unbiased feedback and present all options in order for moms to give true informed consent. Education and immersion into birth culture is important for expectant mothers. I believe a mom who educates herself will always make the best decision for her and her baby, so I want to give resources that will empower families when making those decisions.  



 Birth support starts way before a mom ever has contractions. During our prenatals before birth, we cover a wide range of topics from birth plans to pain management to partner support and advocacy tools.  


During birth I support families through comfort measures, meditation/hypnobirthing, fetal positioning (trained in Spinning Babies), advocacy, and helping partners best support the birthing person.


Golden Hour

After birth I give immediate support with breastfeeding and skin to skin, as well as making sure that a mom's preferences for her newborn care are honored.

Postpartum Visits

 A birth package comes with 2 postpartum visits. I plan the first visit within the first week of life, then mom schedules the next one. During these visits we address any breastfeeding concerns, give mom a break from baby to take a nap or shower, prep some food for mom to eat, practice baby-wearing, among other things. 

Packages + Pricing

Birth doula services include: 

  • 2 prenatal appointments

  • 24/7 text + call access to me starting at 38 weeks.

  • Birth support starting during active labor until the first nursing session is completed. 

  • 2 postpartum appointments; 1st during the first week of life, 2nd appointment at or before 4 weeks of life.

Price: $900​​

Labor support only:​​

Support during labor with no prenatal or postpartum care. 

Price: $500

Birth & Postpartum Package includes:

  • 2 prenatal appointments, on call at 38 weeks, birth support through 1st nursing session

  • 2 postpartum appointments/week for 4 or 6 weeks

Price: 4 weeks- $1,600 

           6 weeks- $2,000

Birth Inquiry

Thanks for submitting! I will reach out soon to set up a consultation.

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