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In-Person Classes

Below are the in-person classes I offer. Check the calendar over the next few months for upcoming group classes. I also offer in-home individual classes if there is not an upcoming date that is convenient for you or you would like a more customized class for your specific needs. 

In-home Birth Crash Course (4 hours) $150

  • Anatomy: What is your body actually doing during labor?

  • Advocacy: How can my partner and I advocate for our wants/needs in a delivery room?

  • Pain management: How to tap into your nervous system to make contractions easier

  • Partner support: What can my partner do to comfort me during labor?

  • Postpartum: Some things you might expect, and some things you might not

  • Newborn: Who let us take this baby home? What is normal for a newborn?

Newborn Ready In-home Class (2 hours) $100

  • Postpartum expectations

  • Breastfeeding

  • Newborn sleep

  • Swaddling

  • Diapering

  • Reflux and gas

  • Baby-wearing

  • Car seat safety

Newborn Ready Group Class (2 hours) $60/couple

  • Check calendar for upcoming group classes. 

Birth Group Crash Course (5 hours) $100/couple

  • Check calendar for upcoming group classes.


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