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Night Nurse Services

What does a Night Nurse do?

During an overnight postpartum shift, my main goal is to help parents get more SLEEP! Typically, this service is used when parents have a newborn who is waking up several times a night, although I have helped families of "older" babies who are not sleeping through the night yet. I have found that what usually takes the longest at night is not the feeding, but the burping, changing, and settling that eats up more of your sleep time. It brings me such joy to leave an overnight shift knowing that parents are more rested for the day ahead of them, and me getting some sweet baby snuggles in the process!

For an overnight shift, I do the following:

- bring baby to feed if breastfed

- bottle-feed baby

- burp baby

- change baby

- keep an log of all the things baby does through the night

Overnight infant care (night nursing): ​

  • 9 hour per night minimum.

  • Limited availability

Price: $30/hr

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